Красавицата и звярът

оригинално заглавие: Beauty and the Beast
There was a Beauty in this world
And she was found by her Beast.
The night was special. It was true.
And they believed: It must exist.

But people didn’t think the same.
They usually are so cruel.
They’ve used to see the „evergame“
Played by obeying certain rules.

So Beast and Beauty stood outside
Where their feelings were allowed.
They had their fire in the night,
And they were going an own road.

The magic was in their hearts
And they believed: It must exist.
No words, no guns, no poisoned darts
Could separate Beauty and Beast.

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  1. Поместеният текст не е превод, а оригинал – стихотворението е написанo на английски език.

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